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Hello, I’m Juanita Deloris. Welcome to my blog; I’m glad you’re here! I am a Christian writer and blogger from the Peach State.


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I’ve watched the church drift further and further away from God’s standards, choosing instead to willfully conform to the world (Rom 12:1-2). I’ve talked sporadically with believers, grieved by what they see and to unbelievers who ask,

“What happened to the church?” I have watched pastors turn coward, refusing to preach God’s standard of living for His people in order to please those warming the pews.

I have had occasions to stand alone for what is right when other “christians” decided to go left. Actually living by the Word is just not that popular today, even in the church! No Surprise though; the Lord told us this day was coming.

If believers are to strive for perfection, and we are, then we can’t do it without the truth. I believe followers of The Way must get back to Truth, to God’s Truth; dust off the Word of God, dig in and do what it says!

I am not a pastor or an evangelist, and my views on how we should live are not always embraced. So what’s my purpose in all of this? What can I do? The answer… “You can write!” Hence, in 2016, was born.

It is my hope and prayer that the information and testimonies found here will be thought provoking, mind transforming, and life alterinLet’s explore God’s Word together to discover the truth about how we live, laugh, and love.

Let’s put preconceived and ill-advised notions to the side, turn on the light of Scripture and discover what God truly thinks about our lives, our views, and what we allow.


My baby sister and me – 2017
I am a woman who loves Jesus and believes in holiness/sanctification. I am the oldest of 8 and helped raise my 7 siblings; I even homeschooled 5 of them. I have earned 3 degrees, including a Masters in Theology all via Distance Learning.

I am a writer who enjoys virtually all things paper, pen, and ink. If asked “fountain pen or ball point”, I’d choose the fountain pen; filled with Noodler’s Bay State Blue ink please! I also enjoy designing programs, bulletins, newsletters, and the like.

In addition, I am a crafter who enjoys crochet as well as making my own soaps and toiletries. I have been told I was born in the wrong era because my first thought is usually, “I can make that!”


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