Walmart Joins Costco, Target, and Other Stores in Banning This Milk

PETA Asia has been investigating Chaokoh's coconut milk manufacturing ethics since 2019. Since then, Costco, Kroger, Target,

and Wegmans have ceased selling the company's milk at nearly 40,000 outlets, and America's largest retailer added 5,000 more.

In a press release, Walmart said that it has discontinued Chaokoh coconut milk after thorough dives into

the treatment of monkeys in its Thailand facilities. PETA said Walmart acted after receiving 86,000 emails from supporters.

“The coconut trade uses social monkeys as chained-up coconut-picking machines, depriving them of any opportunity to eat, play, or spend time

with their families,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman states in a press release Retailers are dumping Chaokoh

The organization found animal cruelty on every farm and training facility that exploited monkey labor for coconut picking—like Chaokoh

—or performing for tourists in its first inquiry. After the study was released, the coconut business in the country decided to stop chaining animals in tiny cages.

Walgreens, Stop & Shop, Giant Food, and Food Lion discontinued coconut milk first. In October 2020, Costco management told PETA they

were concerned about abuse accusations. In November, Wegmans pulled it from shelves when its CEO received video, thousands of emails

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