Walmart Is Crushing This Competitor at Groceries

Walmart and Amazon typically compete for U.S. household expenditures. Amazon dominates electronics,

appliances, sports, hobbies, and books. Walmart has a huge advantage over its competitor in grocery shopping.

Amazon has been attempting to catch up to Walmart's grocery sales for years, but the average American household still spends 10 times more

at Walmart on food and beverages, according to PYMNTS. Compared to Amazon's $27 billion, Walmart's 2021 grocery net sales were $264 billion.

Amazon, which bought Whole Foods in 2018, understands the grocery issue. Many chains were apprehensive about the transaction, according to Winsight Grocery

The deal "was received as a monumental blow in the grocery industry," Springer told Slate Magazine.

"Stock of all the conventional supermarkets and the Walmarts of the world just got devastated by this one announcement."

Some were wary since Amazon had a history of dominating wherever it went. According to PYMNTS, Amazon's proportion of food and beverage spending

Walmart is expanding its online "InHome" grocery delivery service, which was expected to reach 30 million U.S. households this year.

TechCrunch reports that Walmart allows customers to order groceries online and have a delivery person enter their home via a smart lock.

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