These Snacks Could Get More Expensive Soon, Company Says

Grocery shoppers hate hearing that their favorite snacks may be priced higher, yet they may. Unfortunately, that may be the start. To save

money, PepsiCo uses price tag increases, product mix modifications, and "shrinkflation" to mitigate inflation.

It owns Frito-Lay and makes Lay's, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, and Dr. Pepper, among other grocery store staples. The brand's second-quarter

profits showed that it will consider a variety of methods to combat inflation, including raising your shopping price.

In prepared statements issued on July 12, PepsiCo said it was "sharpening (its) revenue management capabilities" to offset rising

"commodity, transportation, and supply chain costs." The answer? The statements suggest "mix and assortment solutions,"

However, it has raised product prices before and may do so again. Frito-Lay raised prices 12% this year, according to the New York Times.

"We are facing inflation like everyone else, and we think that is going to persist for a while, but we are taking enough pricing to manage it, and

our focus is really more on how do we drive costs out of the business," CNBC quoted PepsiCo CFO Hugh Johnston.

Limiting "product mixes," some snacks may be unavailable at specific places. Food Dive says companies utilize information to adapt options to buyer groups

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