The 8 Best Places to visit in October in the US

Salem, Massachusetts:

Immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit in the town known for the historic witch trials.

New Orleans, Louisiana:

Enjoy the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the French Quarter.

San Francisco, California:

Experience milder weather and enjoy the city's iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee/North Carolina:

Lie flat on a bench, hold a barbell or dumbbells above your chest with arms extended.

New York City, New York:

Experience the crisp autumn air in Central Park and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.

Portland, Oregon:

Enjoy the city's craft beer scene and vibrant food culture. Explore nearby scenic areas like the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood.

Charleston, South Carolina:

Enjoy pleasant temperatures and explore the historic charm of this southern city.

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