Supplement Can Reduce Alzheimer's Risk by 49%,

Know someone with Alzheimer's? You're not alone. The CDC estimates 5.8 million Americans have Alzheimer's.

Research has showed that having enough omega-3 DHA can reduce Alzheimer's risk by 49%. Doctors are still striving to understand the condition and find therapies.

DHA, an omega-3 oil, may prevent rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, some cancers, and depression, according to Healthline.

Red blood cell docosahexaenoic acid (RBC DHA) may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, according to a Nutrients study. In participants

under 65 who did not have dementia, those with greater RBC DHA levels were 49% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

"The results of this study are very promising and confirm what researchers have found in epidemiological and animal studies to date," Gladd explains.

Gladd advised consuming more DHA-rich foods like salmon, sardines, and mackerel to reduce Alzheimer's risk in the family.

"It's also a strong argument for supplementing with high-quality fish oil daily, as DHA is one of the core omega-3 fatty acids found in these products," adds.

Gladd advises his patients to choose "a high-quality, third party-tested product that also provides a substantially higher dose than most mainstream brands"

Dr. Gladd advises "vegans and vegetarians may benefit from a plant-based algal oil supplement containing DHA," as "research has shown that plant-based algal oil

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