If You Only Have 20 Minutes To Declutter, Here’s What To Do

Focus On One Area: Choose a specific area or category to declutter, such as a desk, drawer, closet shelf, or countertop.

Declutter Quickly: Quickly go through items in the chosen area and make decisions swiftly. Use the "keep, donate/sell, discard" method to sort items.

Reduce Clutter: Remove any items that don't belong in the area or are no longer needed. Focus on decluttering rather than organizing at this stage.

Sort And Organize: Organize the remaining items in the area, grouping similar items together and finding designated spots for each category.

Dispose Of Discarded Items: Dispose of or donate items you've decided to discard or donate. Have a designated box or bag for donations and a trash bin nearby for disposal.

Tidy Up: Take a few minutes to tidy up the area, wipe down surfaces, and ensure everything is in its place.

Reflect And Plan: Reflect on your progress and make a plan for future decluttering sessions to continue organizing your space effectively.

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