Burger King Responds to Wendy's 'Dynamic Pricing' With Free Whopper Deal

Wendy's plans to try "dynamic pricing" in its restaurants (akin to Uber-style surge pricing) sparked a furor online this week.

After the rival chain's announcement, Burger King is offering a special deal on its iconic burger.

Burger King is offering a free Whopper or Impossible Whopper to customers who spend $3 or more. The promotion is only applicable for Burger King app orders until March 1.

The promotion's press release, shared with Eat This, Not That!, takes a jab at Wendy's dynamic pricing schemes, perhaps framing the offer as a response.

"Surge pricing? That's new. Our flame is the only thing surging at BK, the announcement said.

In a Feb. 15 earnings call, Wendy's President and CEO Kirk Tanner revealed they would explore dynamic pricing in stores by 2025. The

corporation initially provided little specifics on its dynamic pricing. Some customers instantly worried that Wendy's prices would rise

during busy times, similar to Uber's surge pricing system that raises ride prices when demand is high. Social media users have criticized Wendy's price increases.

Wendy's stated on Feb. 27 that their dynamic pricing comments had been "misconstrued" and that it never planned to raise prices during peak hours.

No, we won't hike prices when clients are most likely to visit. The statement said future improvements would benefit customers and restaurant staff.

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