7 Genius Ways To Start Using Toilet Paper In Your Garden

Create seed tape by placing seeds along a strip of toilet paper, then bury the strip in the soil at the appropriate depth for each type of seed.

Seed Tape

Write plant names or information on small pieces of toilet paper and use them as markers for your plants.

Plant Markers

Tear up toilet paper into small pieces and use it as a biodegradable mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds.


Add toilet paper rolls, torn toilet paper, and cardboard tubes to your compost bin to enrich the compost with carbon.

Compost Material

Mix shredded toilet paper into your soil to improve its structure, retain moisture, and provide nutrients as it breaks down.

Soil Amendment

Roll toilet paper tubes into seedling pots for starting plants indoors. Once the seedlings are ready, plant the entire pot in the ground—the cardboard will decompose.

Seedling Pots

Place strips of toilet paper soaked in essential oils like peppermint or citronella around your garden to deter pests.

Pest Control

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