10 Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight in Your 30s

1. Redirect your focus

Focusing on other ways to improve your health instead of your weight or how you look may help you reach your goals.

2. Load up on produce

Decades of scientific study have shown that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight and keep a healthy weight.

3. Choose sustainability over speed

A lot of diets and detoxes use meal plans with very few calories to help people lose weight quickly and drastically.

4. Don’t underestimate daily activity

Adding this type of exercise to your routine can help you lose weight and build muscle, but you don't need to do this to get to a healthy weight.

5. Prioritize your health and happiness

Never put your health or happiness at risk by sticking to a diet or workout plan that makes you feel bad about yourself.

6. Understand that weight loss isn’t the key to overall improved health

Losing extra body fat can make you healthier and less likely to get sick.

7. Prioritize sleep

Many people in their 30s are trying to balance work, family, and social life, which can cut into their sleep time and make it harder for them to get good sleep.

8. Say no to most diets

To develop a sustainable weight loss plan that works for your needs, it’s important to avoid restrictive, unnecessary diets.

9. Opt outside

Spending time in nature is incredibly beneficial for your overall health.

10. Stay hydrated

One recent study of 358 people between the ages of 18 and 39 found that drinking more water was linked to a healthier body composition, such as a lower amount of body fat and a smaller waist circumference.