Hello everyone! Are you paying attention to what’s going on around you? Have you recognized the numerous changes for the worse taking place in the societies of the world? Nothing we see and hear these days should surprise any child of God. Sadly, however, there are those who do not realize what’s happening; some don’t even know that we are living in the time of the end!

Citizens of Heaven, and I hope and pray you are in this category, let’s face some facts about this world we are passing through. In these modern times, the world is becoming more malicious towards followers of The Way; if you are in the United States, it is more vicious than ever before!

Hostility Abounds   

The Bible has clearly revealed to us the nature of the world, and what it would be like during the time of the End. The World, just as it was in Noah’s day (Genesis 6:5,11), is saturated with sin; people are rip roaring drunk on sin.

Humanity loves darkness; therefore, they hate and reject Jesus (John 1:1-11; John 3:19-20) along with anyone bold enough to follow Him.

To reject Jesus Christ is to worship satan by default. You may not become a member of a satanic temple or meet in the woods with a coven of witches; however, if you reject Jesus Christ as Lord then you are of your father the devil and his desires you will fulfill. Look at John 8:43-44 and think about the world today. Do you see it?

Yes, most of the world today hates what is right and loves what is wrong (John 15:18). It is full of darkness and confusion. All one needs to do is look at what’s happening today. Those who are supposed to be intelligent and able to lead, instead prove themselves to be wicked, confused, and shameless liars who cannot bring themselves to speak the truth. Today, right is wrong and wrong is right; things are so twisted you can’t even be sure of who you’re looking at! Ours has become an evil, bloodthirsty society where adult men and women pitch fits to murder babies and corrupt children. You cannot trust what you hear as lying is now more acceptable and desired than ever before. The works of the flesh accepted and proudly on parade.

In this cesspool of iniquity, with its now ancient relics of freedom and free speech, your head will be on the chopping block if you dare speak the truth regarding anything you see and hear. But as citizen’s of Heaven, we don’t live by the playbook of fools, and we don’t kowtow to the world’s idols of sin and depravity (Acts 5:29).


Philippians 4:8 tells us to fix our “thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Now, considering this verse, think about the world. This world has become a place where it is harder and harder to even see shadows of the virtues Paul lists in this verse!

Life on this earth is not easy. The so-called progress is used to bring stress and troubles to individuals across the board. The concern and care for your fellowman is nearly a forgotten artifact of days gone by. Darkness, immorality, and perversion are so thick now the atmosphere doesn’t even feel right. For believers it is not easy wading through this world today. God knew it would not be, so His Word instructs us to think about heaven and not this world.

Heaven. Have you ever taken time to think about heaven, that place everyone in their right mind wants to go? I have met a few people who, though they claim Christ, have never taken time to think about heaven! They don’t seem to have a desire for what God has prepared. Their view is clouded by this world. Let’s take a little glimpse at heaven, shall we?

This world is nothing like heaven! The citizens of God’s city are nothing like those of earth. Anxiety, mental disorders, stress, troubles, worries, burdens, problems, health issues, fears etc… do not exist there! There is no darkness there, no wickedness, no evil temptations.

Walking through this world it is easy to feel like you are being sprayed with a concoction of pig poop and venomous Komodo dragon spit! Everywhere you turn the world is aggressively working to condition humanity to accept depraved abominations as normal. Wherever you go you don’t know what you will see or hear; it is much harder now to guard the gates against the invasion of the world’s filth, violence, craziness and confusion. Heaven, however, is not like this.

Jesus Christ, our Savior and King, is there! Don’t you want to lay eyes on the one who loved you enough to pay the ultimate price for you to spend eternity with Him? Just imagine living in the love and peace of God everyday of your life.

The atmosphere of this pristine city is absolutely pure, free of pollutants of any kind. (You hear that allergy sufferers?) The presence of the Lord permeates the Kingdom. You will never endure darkness again because Jesus Christ Himself is its light.

Heaven is a place of true peace. There your heart and mind can rest thoroughly. There is nothing there you will have to be on guard against! There we will be inundated with unfathomable love, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness. What the Holy Spirit produces in us, His fruit, is what life consists of in heaven. Think about that!

Thinking on this world only nurtures anxiety, discontent, and depression…just to name a few negatives. Therefore, Colossians 3:2 instructs us to “keep your mind on things above, not on worldly things.” Don’t you think it’s better for your own peace of mind and well-being to obey the Word?

We must remember the assurance we have from God. The Lord is not surprised by any of the wickedness we see in this world. And, evil doers are not getting away with anything. God will rightly judge all this foolishness. People of the world live as though God is asleep or dead, but we know for sure that He is not. He sees and hears everything being done, even in secret.

We do not have to focus or worry about this wretched place because our God is in control. We can accept the truth of the time we are living in, get closer to God, and know that our King is coming!


Therefore, according to the Word of God, we are foreigners. Strangers from heaven, here residing amongst the natives of earth. We are here with a purpose, and it ain’t to set up housekeeping people.

This earth is teetering on the brink of destruction, walking in the dark on feeble legs. We are here to shine the light of Christ; to lift Jesus up and make disciples, as we travel through here on the way back home. And I’ve got news for you, it is just about time for us to go home. We don’t have much daylight left to work in the harvest fields. Soon our temporary assignment here will be over, and we will board the transport for home!


Okay, pilgrims. Many of us are weary of this world. The more evil it becomes, the more stupid the actions, and the more demon-led confusion is accepted as normal it gets more and more difficult to travel through this massive sewage dump. That’s why we can’t stop. We must keep moving, but don’t forget your travel safety rules.

Keep your heart in heaven; store up treasures there, not perishables here (Matthew 6:19-21).

Until next time,

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