The Wrong Understanding of Perfection Can be Detrimental to Your Spiritual Health

I was born and raised in the COGIC.Inc. It was a regular thing to hear various ones say, “God wants us to be perfect, “we have to strive for perfection,” “Bible say’ be perfect!” The sad thing is that their actions often didn’t match the words coming out of their mouths. I was left confused and with a wrong view of God.

Watching how these religious individuals treated their spouses, children and other saints left me baffled. If you are perfect, or supposed to be “striving for perfection,” then how can you treat people that way? How can you be full of pride, which God hates, if you are perfect or striving for perfection?  In your “striving”, with all its fasting, prayer, and Bible reading…you are not able to have a better attitude towards people? These are the questions I had while watching these people. I questioned if there was really anything to Bible reading and prayer at all. To my young mind their actions totally discounted anything they had ever said or taught in church.  Now that I am older, able to look back in contemplation, I see there was an error in the view of perfection held by these well-meaning, though errant, church goers.


Individuals like this literally see themselves as perfect. These are the ones quick to top the soapbox whenever they hear a believer say that we all sin. Because they believe themselves to be perfect, they are unable to acknowledge that they do not walk in perfection every moment of their existence. They are unable to be honest with themselves and realize their flesh still wants and has (in some cases) the upper hand. They ignore Paul’s discussion about beating one’s body and bringing it into submission. If, after salvation, one is automatically perfect, what need is there to truly examine oneself? What need is there to beat one’s body into subjection? This is a highly dangerous view of perfection.


I recall one person in particular who, while repeatedly expounding on the walk of the perfect, had serious character flaws left unchecked. Beaming in the midst of their words were false pride, stubbornness, inability to cooperate, inability to hear, and nice-nasty ways.  If they had a correct view of perfection then, instead of believing themselves to have already obtained, they might have been able to successfully grow in perfection.


The perfecting truth we must understand is that we won’t reach true perfection until we get to heaven. However, we can live a life complete in Christ. In order to make it where God is we must endeavor to love, think, talk, and walk like Christ; the only Perfect One worthy of imitation. This means that we;


  1. Have a heart’s desire to really be like Christ in everything we say, think, and do!
  2. Constantly examine ourselves – our thoughts, words, and actions; How do we treat people? How do we talk? Are we gracious and compassionate towards others? Do we love others more than ourselves? Are we self-centered and foolish?
  3. Always ask God to reveal anything in us that is not like Christ, and then GET RID OF IT! – It is GOD we are to please, and He is the best one to reveal the things we miss or fail to
  4. Sincerely ask the Lord to develop perfection in us – We must be willing to obey, no matter the cost.
  5. Realize that, while in this fleshly body, we will make mistakes, but we are NOT to live a life of sin. There is a huge difference between a mistake and willful sin!
  6. Acknowledge when we make an error: we can’t allow ourselves to become lifted up in pride and self-righteousness; we must admit we are wrong, repent, and ask for God’s help in overcoming our flesh.
  7. Understand that Pride is something we ALL must fight against, and determine in your heart and mind to FIGHT AGAINST IT. Don’t allow pride and self-righteousness to keep you from an eternity with God!

Heaven is too exquisite to let anything keep us from it. Realize your weakness, give up your control, and accept your dependence upon the Lord. Don’t trade an eternity with Him for any form of false perfection. It’s just not worth it. Juanita Deloris



8 thoughts on “The Wrong Understanding of Perfection Can be Detrimental to Your Spiritual Health

  1. I appreciate so much the sharing of hypocrisy you saw as a child. You knew, in your innocence, the clear difference between what people professed and the way they lived. It is confusing to a child to see such a disparity. I have learned that “perfect” int the bible translates as “whole” or “complete” or “mature.” I love those clarifying translations as they help me see the picture God is painting. He is perfect – whole, complete, mature. We are growing into that wholeness, completeness and maturity. In status, we are complete; in practice, we are growing up into Him and into greater likeness to Him. Sometimes well-meaning churches end up teaching legalism instead of grace rooted in truth and love. I’m so very grateful that your response to this has been to stay with your faith while discerning what is true from what is false. Blessings to you as you walk with Him.

    1. Hello Patty,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Now that I am older I can truly understand why Paul said study to show yourself approved…. We must know what it is GOD requires of us. I like what you said, “In status, we are complete; in practice, we are growing up into Him and into greater likeness to Him.” That is so very true. We must continue to grow, continue being transformed to be like Christ.
      Thanks again, and God bless you!

  2. Anonymous_Browser

    Great Post! I like how you list those steps to take when working towards being more like Christ. Very helpful and encouraging. To reply to the previous statement…. Is God delaying His coming?? I do not understand that statement of God delaying…could someone explain??

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. I am thrilled that you found it helpful.
      To answer your question –
      when people say God is delaying His coming, it is usually because nothing else needs to happen before Christ’s return. Some believe God is, in a sense, holding Christ back for a time because His people are not ready; however, the truth is that God’s True Church IS ready. I do not believe God is delaying anything. I believe God has His time set, and there is no need for Him to pause His plans. Because WE do not know what His schedule is, it behooves us to get ready and stay ready at all times.
      God bless you!

  3. Aunt Eloise

    This message on “perfection” is wonderful. Very enlightening and instructive.
    I haven’t yet obtained perfection but, I’m forgetting those things which are behind me, reaching forward to those things which are before me and pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14).
    Be encourage to get the message of salvation to others. God has chosen you to do so for such a needful time as this. Don’t allow anyone nor anything to discourage you. Your reward is in heaven. To God Be The Glory!!!
    Love you much.

    1. Hello!
      Forgetting those things behind us and pressing forward in Christ is something all believers must do–if we want to be counted worthy to spend an eternity with our God. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I appreciate it.
      God bless you.

  4. TrueDisciple

    Awesome message! Thanks for reminding us that we haven’t made it in yet. God is delaying Jesus’ coming for a reason- giving us time up get ourselves together. This also pints out hypocrisy among among ‘the church’. We can’t let others cause us to doubt God or fall. Must seek His will for our own selves.


    1. Hello TrueDisciple!
      Thanks for stopping by, reading, and responding. You are so right about seeking God’s will for ourselves. We can only answer for ourselves, and we need to heed the commands to save ourselves from this untoward generation & workout our OWN soul’s salvation. We don’t have to to allow anyone or anything to deter us from our goal of seeing the Savior IN PEACE. Every eye will see Him, but I sure one my viewing of Him to be in peace 😉
      Thanks again and God bless You.

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