Stay Prayerful, Stay in the Word, and Stay with God!

You know we live in troubling times. If you have your eyes open to the Word of God and what’s going on in this world, you know that there are some difficult days ahead for God’s people (2 Timothy 3:12). Many around the world are already in the thick of persecution. In the West, God has individuals on the front-lines trying to get those in darkness to come into the light before it’s too late. These soldiers are being attacked, unjustly accused and arrested etc…The onslaught against Jesus Christ and His followers is increasing at an alarming rate now. Depravity in this nation has rushed to the forefront so fast it makes one’s head spin. Who would have thought that our country would actually legalize infanticide and that doctors and nurses, who have sworn to do no harm, would find the murder of the helpless innocent to be funny! It is truly a disheartening time we live in.

Professing believers – in the midst of so much wickedness and fulfillment of Scripture – appear to be more focused on obtaining riches, fame, and fun in this world (Colossians 3:1-3). What saddens me is that so many are storing up treasure here; they love this world (1 John 2:15-17) and, therefore, their treasure is indeed where their heart is (Matthew 6:19-24). I, for one, do not believe this world is anywhere to be anymore – if it ever was.

Allow me to encourage you, child of God. Stay with God! No matter what you see or hear in the days ahead, stay WITH God. We cannot tuck tail and run. We cannot give our allegiance to another for any reason whatsoever. Our heart belongs to the Lord, the one who paid the ultimate price to set us free! Remind yourself of this daily. Get ready people of God, and stay ready.

We should not be baffled by what is going on now; the Word of God told us this time was coming. We can rest assured that none of the evil that men and women are doing today has taken our God by surprise. He knows what they are doing and what we are facing. God will strengthen us, and He will keep us. We belong to Him. Obey Him and do not be afraid. Look at the world through spiritual eyes, not your natural eyes. To look with our natural eyes will only bring fear. If we look through spiritual eyes, through the Word of God, it brings an element of excitement because we will see the Word of God unfolding before our very eyes!

Prepare dear child of God. Stay in God’s Word. Keep your mind on what is right; fix your heart on godly, encouraging things. Avoiding current events will not stop the fulfillment of prophecy, but focusing more the things of God and following His instructions is what will help us endure ‘til the end (Ephesians 6:11; Ephesians 6:13).

Make sure your garments are spotless and keep them that way (James 1:27; Ephesians 5:26-27). It’s not time to dabble in the world now. There is no time to take up with the errant, flesh appealing, doctrines floating around today (2 Timothy 4:3). There is no time for foolishness now, child of the King. Trust me on this; we do not have time to play with our souls.

Pray for your fellow siblings in Christ; for their protection and strength to stand even in the face of death. Pray for those in darkness that God will open their eyes. Ask God to give you His heart for the lost, and be ready to do what He asks you to concerning those you come in contact with.

My dear brothers and sisters make up your minds now to stay with God; train for it! Practice standing now, so it will be second nature later. Click To Tweet

Watch your words and actions. Practice self-denial, being content (Hebrews 13:5; Philippians 4:11-13; Matthew 6:31-33) etc…so that it won’t be difficult for you later. Some of us must always have what we want, when we want it. If we don’t get our way then emotions kick in and our mouths start running…That kind of behavior will have us giving in to the wrong thing just for self-gratification. We must train ourselves unto godliness now while we are free to do so! (1Timothy 6:6; 1Timothy 4:7-8)

I am reminded of a song we used to sing (back when church songs had meaning);

Remain in faith, stay prayerful, stay in the Word, and stay with God. Click To Tweet

Stay Ready!

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