Something to Think About

I would like to share something with you; just a little food for thought.

About 6 years ago, while I was visiting one of my sisters, I was home alone and had what I suppose would be considered a vision. I was awake, and I just saw what I am about to share unfold before my eyes. It was short but packed with detail; hard to explain, but anyway…

First let me say I did not see dates or points of reference regarding end time events; so this post is neither about rapture/no rapture nor pre, mid or post-trib rapture. Now, on to what I saw.

The Lord called for His children. As the saints began to go up towards heaven I noticed that many, here and there (even sitting in churches), began to stop. They started to rise but did not get very far off of the ground. At first they did not know what was keeping them from continuing upward. I looked and each of them had a thick chain from their ankle to the earth. The tried to break the chain, to pull it free from the earth. In vain they cried out in fear, dissappointment and shock; there was no help for them.

The end of the chains were in the earth, you could not see a starting point for it; it looked to be a part of the earth. Each of the chains spelled out what was holding each individual to this world. It was various forms of worldliness that each person thought harmless to their souls – from pride and unforgiveness to drinking, television and some of everything in between. It was revealed to me that, though these individuals believed in God and His Son, they loved the world. Their heart, their treasure, was here on earth. They loved their worldliness and the sins they thought they’d hidden so well.

Now, I am not an artist. If I was I would paint this for everyone professing Christian to see. It was such a real, heartbreaking and scary sight!

My question to all of us today is what is it in this world that we love more than the Lord? Is there anything in our lives that we know God is calling us to give up? If there is, please give it up now. Is there anything keeping you from walking wholeheartedly with God? If there is, please let it go today.

If you do not know the Lord, realize that there will come a day when you will need and want a Savior. That Savior, the Only Savior, is Jesus Christ. Click To Tweet

Need to know who He is? To learn about The Only Begotten Son of God, read the book of John followed by the other 3 gospels. I urge you to repent, surrender your will to the Lord, and walk in obedience to His Word. It is the most important decision you will ever make. The choice is before you today. Think about it, and please choose wisely!

Until next time,

**I have been trying to get this blog posted for a month. Computer issues have been a pain lately. Anytime there’s a big break between posts like that, please know that there is a legitmate reason. I thank you for hanging in there with me 🙂 God bless you!

4 thoughts on “Something to Think About

  1. Praying for many hearts to turn to Christ and that all believers are awake to the pull of this world. May we love the Lird Jesus more!

    1. Hello Melissa,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on the post. I join y ou in that prayer. It is so important! Time is winding up and the window of opportunity is closing. I pray that we, believers, bet our houses in order – and those who do not yet know Christ turn to Him before too late. God bless you!

  2. Dee >

    I believe everything you have said, including your vision. I understand what you mean by short and packed full of detail. One occurred to me, as well, on the 11th of July 1996 like that, however, I want to share a different one today.

    I have discovered that the closer one is to the LORD, they are capable of receiving His communication with them.
    One instance in 1995, I kept feeling a whisper from Him to go to one of the ultra cheap grocery stores in our town that I never used. I tried to shake it off, because my husband was on strike and we had not begun to receive the $100/wk we were supposed to live on to pay rent, utilities and eat with let alone gasoline for the car! That was reserved for church on Sunday.

    After about 4 of these I said (aloud) okay, okay, I am going.

    In the store with $15 to my name and vegetable in the fridge I walk through the store. Picking up dried bean, and other cheap goods wondering if this was why I was here. Soon, I discovered it was not. In the meat case lay 3 rather large roast beef wrapped and when I saw the prices I couldn’t believe it! They were marked at $1.19 per pound! Looking at the other cuts of beef I decided they had incorrect pricing, however LORD led me here. So, I took 2 that I could cut down and feed us for over two weeks if careful and purchased enough bread and fresh vegetables to last until the strike pay began. That week, I also received a check just large enough to get us through the strike and pay our bills . . . from the estate of my deceased mother’s Aunt whom I could not remember that should have came the year before but was delayed.

    At last, it was very clear why it had been delayed a year past my husbands uncle whose estate sent him a check a year ago, yet they had died within one week of each other, in the same state. The all knowing LORD had put the brakes on my check, knowing we would need it.

    1. Hello Dee,
      Thanks for reading and commenting on the post. That is a wonderful testimony! Thanks for sharing it :). Isnt’ it great when you can see God’s handiwork in your life. When you don’t know the reason for things, but later on as life events unfold you see that God was working on your behalf all along. It is terrifically encouraging and strengthening to one’s walk with Him. I appreciate your sharing this testimony here. It should help encourage others who may read it. God bless you!

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