SELF-REFLECTION ~ Do I Resemble Jesus Christ?

Have you ever taken time for self-reflection? Have you ever just given honest thought to your own character, motives, and actions? We so often compare ourselves to others and, depending on our level of SELF confidence, some of us never measure up. Some people come away with the point of view that others simply cannot measure up to them! Let me pose a question for each of us to consider.

How do you measure up to Christ?

Contrary to what many believe, we are supposed to look more like Jesus Christ (Eph 5:1-2). Our aspirations should not be to look like and sound like our pastor, our best friend, or a successful businessperson. No! We are supposed to take on the characteristics of Jesus Christ (1 John 2:6; Phil 2:5; 2 Cor 3:18). We are supposed to look and sound like Christ (Rom 8:29). How can we do that if we don’t even care to give much thought to what our Savior is really like?

Come on, tell the truth, do you really think about Jesus, His character, and whether you are honestly like Him in any way? Consider if that was truly our desire. Imagine if we followed the Lord so closely that we looked and sounded like Him! If our words, our actions, our thoughts, our views paralleled His? What impact would there be in our churches, families, jobs, and communities if we purposed to love others as Jesus loves? What if we were determined to be as compassionate, caring and understanding of others as Jesus was when He walked the earth and as He still is today?

We can turn to the Bible for various reasons. Many today use the Word for personal benefit, they want to use the order God has set in the earth to unlock benefits for their natural lives here on earth. However, what I notice is how very seldom, if ever, you hear anyone express a desire to be like Jesus.  

We live in a day where many believe gain to be godliness (1 Tim 6:5). They have plenty of stuff and plump bank accounts, but they don’t care about others. They lack compassion, love, and concern for other people. They look down on those who do not have, or do not desire to have all this world can offer. With raised noses they quickly categorize others as worthy/unworthy according to their own flawed view.

Some of us choose to join the worry brigade. We get afraid because we leave God out of the equation of our lives, choosing instead to follow the world’s way of “figure it out for yourself,” and “do what you need to do to survive.” Again, churchy, but the opposite of Christ! And some, and you know who you are, will berate anyone who speaks against the pseudo-believer path you have chosen to walk. Was Jesus like this? Was He not our example?

Such individuals, though churchy, are more like the world they pattern themselves after. Many don’t take time to evaluate their views and actions but, if we did, we would be surprised just how influenced by the world we are.   

So often we do not go to the Word of God to pattern ourselves after Christ and fulfill His commands. No. Instead we can “church” with the best of them, we can talk really good and look the part too, but inside have the heart of a proud, unbelieving pharisee!

I challenge each of us to take time for self-reflection, but let Jesus be the mirror in which we look!

Prayerfully take stock of your character, see how you compare. Check the corners of your life. For example, we need to check for the very things we would be quick to deny such as laziness!

I know a woman right now who is literally waiting on heaven to have a clean, neat, organized home. It may sound funny to some, but several years ago she decided to just accept the fact she will not enjoy that desire in this life, because those she lives with don’t share the same point of view. She knows that sometimes plain laziness is at work, but she doesn’t feel free to address it. Interesting huh?

Is there anything in our lives, how we do things, that could have ungodliness lurking behind it? It truly is something to consider, especially regarding proclivities so easily overlooked.

When you discover areas where you are missing the mark, because we ALL have them, just repent, and make the necessary adjustments. Take stock of your views, how you handle situations etc. Do you view things the same way as the Lord; do you views match the Word of God? How do you handle situations? Is that how Jesus would have you handle it? Is it following the example that he left? Are you forgiving? Gentle? Kind? Are you living as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, here to do the King’s will??

What is the desire of your heart today? What is the prayer request of your heart?  Do you want to be like Jesus Christ?

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Is it important to you to be like Christ?

What are some ways you have determined to imitate Christ in your own life?

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