Saved to Continue in Sin?

I can’t list the numerous times I have heard professing Christians make excuses for living a life of sin. It seems that many claiming salvation in the U.S. have bought into the idea that we can continue in sin and “still” be saved.  This is why we now see “christians” who look and sound more like the world and nothing like Christ. Comfortable Sunday saints who cuss, drink, sleep around, etc…. but are “still saved tho’.” The Bible does not support this way of thinking or living.

window-view-1081788_960_720Because we are human and live in this sinful world temptation will ever be before our hearts, trying to get in through various means i.e. eyes and ears. We are susceptible to holding anger, thinking wrong thoughts, etc…. This is why the Bible tells us, for example, to be angry but sin not (Eph 4:26), to think on wholesome things (Phil 4:8), touch not the unclean thing (2Cor 6:17, be Holy (1 Peter 1:16, Matt 5:48)…. However, Satan has subtle means to bring deception and he often tries to use the Word of God to do it, just as he did with Jesus, in order to keep closed the bridge that God has so graciously opened for us. This deception is to keep us from the fact that if we continue in sin we are not saved. God, however, has provided a tool to fight against this deception. The Bible Says We will know the truth and the truth will make us free. The Word of God is that soul freeing truth.

There is a difference between an honest slip (getting angry in traffic and calling the offending driver a dummy) and refusing to let go of the sin that gratifies the flesh (i.e. pornography). There is a difference between having to repent for a prideful thought and making a conscious decision to become the dog that has returns to his own vomit ( 2Peter 2:22).  Many try and use Romans 7 to justify their belief that we will continue to live in sin after salvation, because of the “fallen nature of man.” However, we must continue on to Romans 7:24-25 and on to Romans 8:1-2.

fear-299679_960_720It is a disgraceful, disrespectful, and abominable thing to tell God, “even though You gave Your only Son to pay for and cleanse us from sin, He (Jesus) can’t do it. Sin is too strong and we can’t help but continue in it.” The Devil is a liar. The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses us from all sin and filthiness of the flesh and spirit when we truly give our lives to God.

child-817373_960_720In Christ we become new creatures, old things are passed away and behold all things are become new (2Cor 5:17). If he has cleansed us from sin we are clean. If we refuse to obey the commandments for our new life in Christ (i.e. 2 Cor 6:17) but choose to go back to wallowing in sin then we are not saved. IF a man is drowning in the ocean and someone saves him, is he saved in the water or out? He now knows he can’t swim, and the ocean is detrimental to his health and life. If, because he has been saved, he feels free to jump back in the water (knowing he can’t handle it) is he yet saved back in the water? I tell you no; he needs saving! So if the Lord saves us from sin, and we go back for whatever reason (our hearts and minds are not settled), then we are not saved. This is the perfecting truth.

smiley-1041796_960_720We must stop telling God that we can’t and say as Paul said, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13). There is victory in Jesus. If we continue to follow Christ, never taking off our armor but continuing to fight against sin (not give in to it James 1:12) we will remain faithful till the end and see what God has prepared for those of us who love Him. (Eph 6:11-18, Matt 24:13, 1 Cor 2:9)


Juanita Deloris

6 thoughts on “Saved to Continue in Sin?

  1. Amen!!! Until a person really knows God, it will be impossible for them to live a righteous life!!! Until a person really knows what God’s righteousness is, it will be impossible to please God!!! What we see today, even IN churches, are people who don’t know God and people who don’t know God’s righteousness! That’s why they’re “holy” one day and cheating on their wives the next day!! That’s why they’re praising wildly one day and complaining with tears the next day!! That’s why they say amen to the preacher, but they don’t actually do what the preacher said!! THEY DONT KNOW GOD ! ! ! Having a true relationship with Christ, will totally change our lives!!! Our thinking, our speaking, our actions, and our results will be totally different than anything we’re accustomed to seeing today!!!! So when a person is really righteous, their life will tell it MORE than their mouth will…….

    1. Hello Hello!
      THAT’LL PREACH! I couldn’t have said it better myself. We must do this thing God’s way. What we see is a nation/world wide example of a powerless church with only a form of godliness. All many are worried about is “looking” churchy and getting their “praise on.” Totally discounting what God gave the church for, what praising and worshiping Him is really for. We have watered down the things of God, making it common in the eyes of our children and the world, and it is both sad and sickening. I’m going to stop right here because this is another post 😉
      Blessings to you, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. rhonda

    A message on time and in time to save some who are living in error through no fault of their own but through false teachers preaching doctrines of demons in theses closing moments of mans rule on earth. Praise God for a child of God that is brave enough to stand for God in these days; days when truth is scarce and getting more so. Please keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine. God bless you.

    1. Hello Rhonda! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      There is so much false teaching, this includes the indirect error put forth by spineless preachers. The Word of God told us this day was coming, and its here with a vengeance. Satan has so many blinded and headed to hell smiles on their faces. He has purchased their allegiance with a few greenbacks and worthless trinkets, all slathered with a thick layer of churchiness. It is sad but not surprising. We must stay connected to Christ. We must know His will, His way, and walk therein – remaining under the Lord’s protective wing in the midst of the foolishness going on today. If we are to ENDURE then we can’t give in!
      May God’s Blessings rest upon you,

  3. ChildoftheKing

    Great post Juanita! God has devised the perfect plan for our salvation, and carried it out. But we must do our part… which is to remain faithfully obedient to Him! He is all we need to be able to do just that! However He is indeed a Just God who sits high and looks low. He beholds the evil and the good! And having unclean hearts and lives but claiming salvation with our mouths does not fool God… our Creator! He sees! He knows! The bible talks about those with a form of godliness… those who profess to serve Him with their mouths but whose hearts are far from Him. We must strive not to become like that people and to encourage those around us to be genuine and keep striving to make it in! Many called… few chosen. I want to be chosen in the end! God Bless you, this blog and your readers! Until next time…

    1. Hello ChildoftheKing! Thanks for taking time to read and comment. You are right, we must do our part. we have a job to do that God is not going to do for us. He will help us, strengthen us, and keep us, but it is our choice to remain faithfully obedient to him. I think we often forget that God sits high and looks low, he sees everything we do and knows the innermost thoughts of each and every heart. We cannot fool Him and it is arrogant and foolish to think we can! We must determine to embrace and live life by God’s rules, yes I said Rules. So many today, including professing Christians, think of rules as horrible and unjust chains upon our person. However we didn’t create this earth or anything in it, including ourselves. We don’t get to set the order or change God’s standards to be more palatable to our flesh. Our job is to obey the Only True and Living God.
      Thanks for the blessings 🙂

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