Four Things Christians Should Do

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This week I would like to discuss our Christian walk. I would like to share four things that can help improve our spiritual lives (natural lives too). In this life, it is easy to get wrapped up in the veritable smorgasbord of distractions the world offers us at every turn. Followers of Christ must be careful of the enemy’s snares. While not an extensive list, the following four items can help strengthen our walk with God and before men. Let’s get started!

I know, I know; prayer is what one would expect a believer to say. I promise you this isn’t a “duh” moment. Allow me to explain.

I know that prayer is one of those obvious things every believer should do. I am not just talking about corporate prayer at church, prayer before bed, or whispering a quick thank you in the morning. Leaving the traditional prayer moments, I find that we should practice prayer at all times.

You must admit there are moments in life where we never think to pray– when prayer is actually THE tool we should reach for. We should pray for fellow believers when we notice their foibles and faults. When we notice things another could do better, we should pray. It is not always feasible to broach certain subjects with people; sometimes we just may not have the words. If, however, we develop the habit of praying during times like this God can give us the Words or speak to the individual’s heart. All too often we talk more than we pray, we argue more than we pray, and we certainly complain more than we pray. Give God a chance; don’t talk about it, pray about it. Click To Tweet

Ah, the one eyed monster. I have never seen/heard of so much television watching among professing Christians! In a day where pastors admit to 15 minutes a day or less spent in prayer and devotionals encourage us to give the Lord a token of our time, we really need to evaluate our priorities.  When we can sit before the idiot box for hours each day but have only a few measly minutes to spend with God, it shows a serious problem. Are we really putting God first in our lives (I’m asking this of myself as well)? I think not. Spend hours before the idiot box but only a few measly minutes with God? There's a problem. Click To Tweet

Another issue with television and the believer is its content. The Word of God teaches us to guard our hearts, minds, eyes, and ears. It teaches us not to take pleasure in the sins of the ungodly or even speak of the things they do in the dark (Romans 1:32; Ephesians 5:12).  Most of the television programs I hear (nominal) Christians claiming to love, violate most or all of these instructions!

I’m not saying all television is bad, but the day of television’s “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Andy Griffith Show,” and “I love Lucy” are long gone; they don’t really make clean T.V. anymore.  Today’s television programs are filled with blatant actions and innuendo meant glorify sin and program our thinking to accept sin as normal and right.  I don’t care how one tries to fix it up, children of God cannot fill their hearts and minds with this filth and have an honest walk with Christ; it ain’t happening.

What happened to the days when, if found reading, the child of God would be reading the Word of God or something regarding the Word of God? I remember going to saints houses and seeing the Bible open on their coffee tables. The Word of God was of utmost importance to followers of Christ. Today, however, the Bible has been given the back seat in the lives of many professing Christians. The Bible has been relegated to a few minutes at church as we now favor video games, magazines, television, other books and things to fill our time. This tradeoff has not been without consequences.

We cannot truly live for God if we do not know what He wants of us. We will not know His voice without knowing His Word. The reason so many professing Christians lack discernment and integrity is the neglect of God’s Word. When we fill ourselves up on everything that appeals to our flesh, when we freely absorb the World’s way of thinking and doing, we will not be transformed. When we refuse the Word of God then we refuse to renew our minds. We will not walk in newness of life without renewed minds, and there is no mind renewal apart from God’s Word.

(Romans 12:1-2;  2 Timothy 3:16-17; Hebrews 4:12; 2Corinthians 5:17 ; Ephesians 4:24; 1 Peter 2:2 )

What it all boils down to is who we want to live for. Our Lord is either God or satan; we cannot serve both. Satan’s way is a flesh appealing, undisciplined way that comes complete with an eternity of suffering with satan. God’s way is one of discipline and flesh denial, complete with an eternity of peace spent with the Lord. Which does your soul desire?

Read the Word. Read it until a love for it permeates your heart and mind. Read it until your thoughts and views change. Read it until God’s truth colors everything you think, say, and do. And once you begin to see the fruit of reading the Word, continue reading so that you settle in Christ, becoming seasoned and unmovable. If we are going to live for Christ then we must Read the Word.

The 3 items above will help us when it comes to our thinking. As believers, we should think before we speak. We must think before we make a decision to do or not do something. We must think before we allow things. We have to think, and our thinking cannot be driven by a secular worldview. What we feed our eyes and ears contributes to the development of our hearts and minds. Feed on junk and junk will determine you’re your views and choices. We are to take on the mind of Christ, and I guarantee you that our Lord’s mind was not and is not fueled by this ungodly, secular world.

Embrace these four things and watch your life improve, watch your walk with Christ change for the better.

Until next time,

Juanita Deloris


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7 thoughts on “Four Things Christians Should Do

  1. Turn off the TV. YYYYAASSSSS!!! I think this would help so many people out! I know that it helps me if I don’t have the TV on as often, my attitude is better, I can concentrate on my devotions, and my house is cleaner.

    1. Hello Rebekah, welcome 🙂
      I agree with you. It is a great help to turn that “one eyed monster” off. It is amazing how much of a time hog the thing can be. When I started leaving the television off during the day, it was a huge help to my productivity.

  2. These seem so simple and yet, such a great reminder! It’s usually the simple things that trip us up! What a great reminder for us all as Christians.

    1. Hi Kaila,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. You are right, all too often it is the simple things that trip us up. Thank God for His grace and mercy right 🙂
      God bless you!

  3. These seem so simple and yet, such a great reminder! It’s usually the simple things that trip us up! What a great reminder for us all as Christians.

  4. Great insights into how we can improve ourselves as Christians.

    1. Hello Carri. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts 🙂
      God bless you!

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