As we swiftly approach resurrection Sunday let me offer some food for thought, beginning with 3 examples.

My question is why can we believe God for prosperity and desires of our heart but not desire or trust Him for character transformation so that we will truly become like Christ? Been “saved” 20 years but still talking about folks? “Saved” 15+ years and all you’ve gathered is how to prosper in this world? “Saved” 30+ years and still the same; no noticeable improvement in character/Christ-likeness at all?

Does Christ draw us to Himself just to give us something to talk about or does He care about us, walk with us and transform us? Could our disobedience to His Word have anything to do with our deep-seated nominal Christianity?

Is this what Christ’s sacrifice is about? Is His power to transform so limited that He can’t bring about transformation of character? Can the Holy Spirit we brag about not purify us of our worldly, self-absorbed actions and mindset? Can our salvation be such that our eyes only see without but never within?

Devaluing the sacrifice made for salvation causes us to take salvation lightly, and create our own acceptability in the eyes of our god. This is why we see professing believers who “don’t like people” and are full of pride, quick tempers, and attitude. Professing believers who love drama and are always ready for an argument – even to the point they brag about being this way. Professing believers who say Christ lives on the inside but will put anything before their eyes and ears. Professing believers who do not desire to be in any way like Christ.

Something is wrong here. Is this what Christ’s death and resurrection means for so many professing Christians today – the ability to appease their flesh and have God too? Do we not cherish Christ’s sacrifice enough to obey Him and refuse to give in to the foolish works of the flesh?

Consider this: A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion, Luke 22:47-71; Luke 23:1-48; Luke 24:1-53

What are we telling the world about the importance of the Resurrection of our Lord? When others look at us what do they see? Does our lifestyle, the way we treat others etc., reveal that – for us – the resurrection of Christ is nothing more than a license to walk in sin (James 4:17) and “still” go to heaven? Do our actions tell others that Christ’s sacrifice is really no longer of any consequence; it just provides a good reason to gather with family and friends on a Sunday afternoon?

Christ did not make the ultimate sacrifice and rise again just to give us authority to command material blessings. He did not reconcile us to God in order to add validity to our “church-speak.” It wasn’t to make this world our comfortable home. Our Lord did not die for us to slather a layer of “church” over our undisciplined lifestyles and disobedience to the very God we claim to serve. Our Lord did not die for us to continue running on our handcrafted wheels of stupidity.

I grew up in church and didn’t really understand this back then. Christ’s sacrifice provided good material for “Easter” sermons and proper Christian conversation, but seldom – if ever – did one notice any real noticeable change or lasting power to the lives of those who loved to talk about it. That, to me, is extremely heart breaking!

Christ came to free us from sin, shame and guilt; to deliver us from the wrath of God, to reconcile us to God and empower us to live a life that pleases God. We must return to living God’s way and with God’s motives. We must return to learning of Christ and how to walk in The Way He endured so much to provide. Let us not waste so great a salvation by walking according to our flesh and minimal understanding.

You can have the best the world has to offer, a bank account running over with cash, and still have an eternal reservation with the wrath of God. Click To Tweet

There is nothing good in us (Rom 7:18), and any righteousness we try to muster is nothing but an offering of worthless filthy rags (Isa 64:6). This is why Jesus gave Himself up for us; we could not and cannot do anything to pull ourselves out of our wretched state. 

We must take the world’s blindfold from our eyes. Let us not fool ourselves into believing we are right with God because of our comparisons with the world’s definition of greatness. With clear vision let us weigh the world against eternity. Let us weigh the “good” of earth against the truly wonderous Good awaiting those who love and obey the Lord. Let us hold dear what Christ did for us and fully present ourselves as living sacrifices unto God (Rom 12:1-2); truly we have nothing but ourselves to give in return for all He has given us.

What are you celebrating this Resurrection Sunday? What does the resurrection of Christ actually mean to you? Does it hold any value for you? We must look at what we do, what we say and the decisions we make. The truth will be told by the evidence put forth by the life we live.

Until next time,


  1. I dom but I find myself making these same kinds of observations, if we could only love like Him and not just talk about it.

    1. It is often hard “not” to make such observations these days. I always remind myself that God equips us to do whatever He asks of us. If we have a heart to love like Him, then He will help us love like Him. The more we walk with God the more we mature in His Way. Never lose the heart and mind to be like Christ. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on the post!
      God bless you 🙂

  2. Dear Juanita, you have written another powerful article here! I appreciate the examples you shared. Oh Lord, help me stay before you and before others with humility, love and gratitude!

    1. Hello Melissa,
      Thanks so much or reading and commenting on the post. We share the same prayer! God sees us and knows our heart, and others who cherish the Lord; He will continue to help us walk in His Way and grow in our love for Him and others.
      God bless you!

  3. Dee

    Well, said Nita. I shared this today. I hope it prepares many for tomorrow (Easter).

    1. Hello Dee!
      I am glad you found the post beneficial, and thank you so much for sharing it!
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
      God bless you 🙂

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