A Season of Peace, Joy, and Thanksgiving

Is it just me or have you noticed that the Thanksgiving/Christmas season does not feel the same? It actually hasn’t felt the same for a number of years now. In the not so distant past everyone seemed to have a smile in their heart during this time of year. Even the grumpiest person seemed to get into the spirit of the season. Joy filled the atmosphere alongside the inviting aromas of fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon. The season was electric; you couldn’t help but feel it as smiles and good wishes filled the days! Today, it is not the same. Why is this? I have a theory. This time of year can’t feel the same because people are not the same!

Just as Jesus said it would, the love many once had for their fellowman has indeed grown cold as wickedness has taken up residence in their hearts.  The trade of right for wrong has paid off in darkened hearts filled with selfishness, shallowness, greed, and a lack of concern for others. The result is little to no real joy in heart or peace of mind. How can one have joy or offer smiles and well wishes when walking in this kind of darkness? This, my friends, is what is wrong with the season. There is hope, however.

kingdom-of-god-not-mean-and-drink-but-righteousnessOur peace and joy are not based on the economy, the amount of our income, material possessions, our station in life etc. Believers know that our peace and joy comes from and rests in the Lord. Though today’s society loves darkness, we cannot let it affect our joy. This time of year can be a bit disheartening for those who see the truth of the world’s condition – for those who can see and feel the difference between seasons past and present. As the salt of the earth, however, we can still make a difference everywhere we go.

Our joy and goodwill should not just come around once a year; it should dwell in our hearts all year every year! We must refuse to follow the order of the self-absorbed. Make it a point to offer a smile and kind word to whomever God places in our path. Walk boldly as people whose hope and joy rests in our God, letting the light of Christ shine bright amidst the darkness. We have to unashamedly embrace our peculiarity in Christ (1 Peter 2:9). We should be so joyous that it causes others to inquire about it. We should be people of such contagious love, hope, peace, and joy that our very presence changes the atmosphere.

History reports numerous accounts of change for the better once Christ had entered the hearts of individuals. There are testimonies of sweeping change through communities as scores of people, with hearts burning for God, turned wholeheartedly from their sins. As they traded darkness for the light of Christ, the Spirit of God spread like wild fire across land and sea. That is what we need today! We need this kind of revival to sweep this land. Our loved one’s need it. Or coworkers need it. Our neighbors need it. This nation needs a real revival, a real – deep reaching – move of God. This kind of revival fills hearts with love, hope, joy, and peace. This kind of revival brings about true thanksgiving and goodwill towards your fellowman.  The people of this world are blind and sick; they are neck deep in mire and sinking fast. They need our help; they need us to do our job!

light-of-the-worldI urge every believer to Stand up and BE The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t just talk about it, BE about it! Embrace the difference that comes with being a child of the King. Don’t dim the light of Christ in your life by compromising with sin or the very appearance of it. Value what Christ has given you so much that you become infectious, spreading just what the Doctor ordered for the sick and dying in your path. What greater gift can we give our fellowman than a much needed introduction to Christ?!

Until Next Time,

Juanita Deloris

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