8 Steps to Being a Light in a Cattywampus Culture

Ah, Cattywampus; don’t you just love that word?! Let me explain what it means for those who have never heard of it. Cattywampus (Yes, I really like saying it lol) is an interesting and fun word meaning, “going badly, awkwardly, or in the wrong directions.” It can also be awry or askew. In my opinion, it is a great word to describe this world we are currently traveling through.

This is June, and all over the world believers are having to suffer through the worldwide celebration of insanity, depravity, every sort of vile wickedness, of pride and the destruction in brings. In the United States, from the White House to the church house, pride is being embraced, declared, pushed, and flaunted in the face of Almighty God.  

In addition to abomination month, there are a plethora of other things taking place in this world. Everything from the uptick of UFO “revelations” to weird deaths. Today, it’s getting harder to know what you’re looking at, since men are literally trying to replace women and women literally want to become men.  People, supposedly, no longer “know” what a woman is and are deceived to the point of thinking men can carry and birth babies.

This insanity is spreading like wildfire as mankind grows in hostility towards Jesus Christ, the only hope. So many people no longer have a fear of God; they say anything about and attribute anything to God…no matter how vulgar!  In the United States the Bible is deemed vulgar and banned from grade schools. So, the Word of God is vulgar but graphic, perverted works to indoctrinate and corrupt children is okay? Parents who should be protectors are instead opting to become the groomers of debauchery in their homes, exposing their kids to vile, graphic performances and materials. Parents corrupting their own babies!

Governments and churches embrace demon-driven perverted lifestyles, the murder of babies and innocence, and other glaring sins of various kinds. Leaders and lawmakers can be corrupt as they come but remain protected. Wars and rumors of wars saturate the earth now. Truth is suppressed and lies are put forward as though true. In our world today, right is now wrong and wrong is deemed right. The culture of this world has indeed become severely cattywampus.

This world is walking in a state of blind confusion because they are following the WRONG god! So often, with people, it is so hard to do the right thing, the easy thing. There is more than one way to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel!

I look at this world now and see that it’s open season on children, men, and women. In the United States I see how immorality, depravity and every vile thing has been pushed, sanctioned, and funded. Why? To cause the citizens to destroy themselves; to have them willfully hand over their freedom in favor of demonic chains! To have individuals from all walks of life too brainwashed and brain dead to realize the distractions used against them. Thus, driving the herd to hell with a smile on their faces!

The evildoers in high places know that a Holy God will not approve of all this blatant sin and will not be a help to the wicked in times of trouble (Psalm 37:13; Prov 1:24-32; Judges 10:13-14). Therefore, when evil plans are fully unleashed upon the citizens of this world, the people will be at the mercy of the diabolical one.

Let me tell you something, every one of you who is living in and accepting of these perverted lifestyles, everyone who thinks you have the right to do whatever evil and immoral thing that suits your fancy; you are being used! Do you really think these laws, federal picnics and seeming support are because these people care about you and have your best interest at heart? Do you really think they have spoon fed you the right to do evil because they love you? NO!!!

These politicians, doctors, and business leaders, following the orders of their god, have slipped beelzebub’s club foot shoes on the people of this world. They have been doing things to keep minds clouded and filled with junk, to ramp up the self-centered and prideful wickedness of mankind’s heart. They are making sure you choke to death on your own depravity.

In the last 3 years the world has sunk faster than a 2 ton millstone thrown into the sea. It amazes me how fast things have progressed in the wrong direction! This world is so saturated with sin that the earth is reeling and rocking.  So, this place is a cattywampus, feculent land filled with hell bound souls–in the church and out.

Now, I have not been called to teach prophecy, so it has not been my life’s work and study. However, I know and understand enough to realize that the Bible gives us signs and instructions. The Lord has not left us in the dark on the current state of the world and what we are to do.

What is a true believer to do in such a world as this? Let’s look at a few things we should be doing now.

  • DO NOT BE AFRAID: Fear is not of God. It is a tool used by the enemy of our souls. If you belong to God, you do not have to be afraid (Isa 41:10; Psalm 27:1; Psalm 23:4; John 14:27; 2 Tim 1:7; Psalm 118:6). We need to be wise and obey God, but we must not be afraid. Trust the Lord to take care of you. He will do it! He is neither surprised by the wickedness of this world nor moved by the sinister plans of the so-called elite leaders/decision makers. Refuse to eat satan’s food; DO NOT FEED ON FEAR!
  • LET GO OF THIS WORLD: This world is perishing, and those who love it will perish right along with it. Too many today have their concerns set in this world; their treasure is indeed in this world as that is where their hearts are staunchly set (Matt 6:19-21). Where is your focus? Separate yourself from this world and embrace your reality as a citizen of heaven (Phil 3:20-21; Eph 2:19). It is often said that home is where the heart is. Where is your heart? 
  • KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LORD (Hebrews 12:2): Stop zeroing in on the enemy’s camp (Prov 3:5-6). Staying so focused on what the enemy is doing works against you. Your heart is divided between worry/fear and trust in Almighty God who is never caught off guard. You don’t want to miss the Lord because you’re so attentive to the wrong commander. Focus on what God is doing (Micah 7:7). Do not dwell so heavily on those things that do not concern the bride.
  • SOUND THE ALARM (Ezek 33:6-9; Col 1:28): Tell those God places in your path that Jesus is SOON to come! Connect the happenings in the world to the timeline of The Word of God. Let people know, they need to get on the ark while there is still time.
  • IGNORE THE SCOFFERS: Do Not waste time debating scoffers (2 Pet 3:3-4; Jude 1:18; Acts 13:41; 2 Cor 4:4). Let others do/say what they want, and you keep watching and waiting for the Bridegroom’s call!
  • PASTORS TEACH!!! (Jude 1:23; 2 Tim 4:2; Titus 2:15; Titus 1:13; 1Tim 4:13; 1 Tim 4:15-16; 1 Tim 5:20; Rev 3:19; Col 1:28-29) Move past “God will bless ya.” Move past how to believe for bigger material blessings. Open the Word of God and TEACH where we are on God’s timeline. TEACH what is important. Take the congregation, entrusted to your care, through what the Word of God says about what’s going on today. Stop ignoring subjects because you think it will drive people away!
    Teach about the Resurrection of the church,of those both dead and alive.
    Teach that hell is real, tribulation is coming, and how they can avoid it.

The word of God is unfolding at an alarming rate, and too many are concentrating on the wrong thing. Tell the Truth!!

  • BE ABOUT THE FATHER’S BUSINESS: The Great Commission was NOT a suggestion. (Matt 28:16-20)
  • EXAMINE YOURSELF: Self-examination plays a key role in the life of a True Believer. (1 Cor 13; Eph 4:32; Gal 5:21-22; Col 3:12; 1 John 4:11; Prov 10:12; Gal 5:26; Phil 2:3-11)
    • Do you LOVE people? Really?
    • How do you treat others?
    • Who’s higher, you or others?
    • What’s your pride meter reading these days? 
    • Do you LOVE the Lord?
    • Do you have compassion and understanding for others?
    • Do you care?

It may feel like there’s nothing we can do, but there is plenty left to do.

We are living in a time like the days of Noah. The doors of the ark are about to be closed, and the rain of wrath is soon to begin. We can already feel and see the starting drops!

Do you love people enough to compel them to come? Do you love people enough that, like God, you don’t want to see any perish? Or are you hard-hearted, haughty, arrogant, and selfish? These are questions we must ask ourselves. Perhaps these are the deeply personal questions we must ask God to reveal the answers to.

Yes, the world is in a highly cattywampus state. The confusion today is thicker than wet Georgia mud. But there is still work to be done, the harvest is still plentiful, and there is still enough daylight to work.

The world is in darkness. Mankind is living in a confused state, deceived into thinking their absurdity is normal as perversion is being uplifted, funded, and spread by a depraved government and society.

Now, more than ever before, the world needs the light…even though they don’t realize it. We must not join in with this culture of wickedness. Let us love the Lord and people enough to be the light Christ called us to be and sound the alarm, telling hell-bound people the truth.

Until next time,

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What are some ways you can be a light in the darkness for someone today?

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