When God is Not Welcome in His House

When God is not welcome in His house

The people are deprived

Of the strength, joy, and empowerment

That only His Spirit supplies.

It is His house, one may say,

How could He possibly be denied?

Give me a minute to explain,

And hopefully open your eyes.

letters-1068997_960_720When we come to worship the Almighty God

But only receive distraction,

We leave His house the same way we came,

wondering why even waste the action.

When one is in the position of escorting Him in,

But they themselves remain in the way,

It blocks the doors of the hearts and minds

From what the Spirit wants to do and say.

When praise and worship is ineffective

The job is tough for the man of God.

For he has to work hard to set the atmosphere

For all those minds just made tired, confused, and bogged.

Not only does pride and self-centeredness

Slam the door in God’s face,

But attitudes and un-thankfulness loudly proclaim

We neither need nor want His amazing Grace.

iphone-993185_960_720In this day of irreverence and disrespectfulness

I guess one should not be disheartened or confused

When at church we see the atmosphere made just right

For cell phones, toys, and sanctuary foods.

The fleeting attention span of adults, so easily rocked to sleep,

Sends the message to God to keep His Word

For we’ll make it off of the little we caught last week.

This is why there is disobedience

Among those who profess to be His.

consumer-47205_960_720We are so busy conforming to this world

We have no time to be a dutiful child of His.

When God is not welcome in His house,

He will step aside like the gentleman He is.

He will let us come in and play our games,

Sit as though entitled, and be entertained

And eventually take his divine gifts somewhere else

Where He is not profaned.

Juanita Deloris

copyright 2015

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