There are many today who claim to be followers of Christ. They will boldly declare that they “just cannot go to hell,” they “definitely are not doing that!” They claim salvation but really take no steps towards avoiding it; they take no steps to truly live for God. These individuals will get instantly offended if one, who seeing their lack of fruit, honestly tells them to examine themselves – God forbid they should directly tell them they are not saved.

Such individuals soak up easy believism; they “believe” but just not to the degree that it cramps their style or causes them to take any real stand for God’s Way. Therefore, when you talk to such ones you instantly realize they are ensnared by their love of the world. Their allegiance is to themselves and not to the Savior. They are self-righteous and antagonistic towards any who dare try to turn them from their chosen path.


There are 2 paths to eternity. One to heaven and one to hell. As we travel, we are on either one of those paths. The path to hell we are ALL on by default. The path to heaven is embarked on by choice.

There are many who claim to be on that straight and narrow path to heaven, but they have been blinded to the truth. They have been indoctrinated by demons via public schools, university professors, television, movies, video games, ungodly friends and (though it pains me to say it) even some pastors and church members.

They have had their understanding sculpted by the evil one; their tastes and desires are based solely on what delights their flesh. In truth, these individuals don’t have time to consider the true condition of their souls and where their forever will be.

Some have been raised from birth to choose the heaven bound path; however, they choose to ignore what they know is right and true, opting to please themselves and cover their hedonism in a thin veil of weak christianity. For these individuals, the here and now of the senses is more important than anything God offers in the hereafter.

So, they ignore wise counsel, kick against truth, set their own “right” and hate those who dare speak against the lies they have chosen to believe.

Oh, they “say” they are believers, but their mindset reveals they are not TRUE believers at all.


The post-modern mindset is what is embraced by many professing christians today; some might even go as far as to say most!

In today’s society truth is whatever one wants it to be; your personal feelings rule your day. There is no absolute, so you can deceive yourself into believing that your feelings/views on a matter are right and true – no matter how wrong they may be. Therefore, who needs God or Real Truth?

I know some right now, in their mid 30s or younger, who have this mindset. They will argue you down that they “believe” and follow Christ, but their choices reveal they are as carnal minded as they come. They live by their own truth. This is why they see nothing wrong with anything they want to do, even if the Word of God teaches the opposite!

For example,

The Bible says to avoid the very appearance of evil. However, these individuals can live in a manner that brings their reputation into question. They see nothing wrong with their actions and are highly offended at any who would dare think them a drug user just because they hang out at the drug house every weekend.

The Bible asks if two can walk together accept they agree (Amos 3:3). Yet, for these individuals, their “best” friends can be willful sinners, and they are more comfortable with them in the midst of their sinful actions than they are with saints of God. But, because they “say” they believe, they consider themselves to be walking circumspectly on the narrow path.

The Bible says homosexuality, fornication, adultery, lying, stealing etc… are sin (Rom 1:22-32, 1 Cor 6:9-10, Rev 21:8). These individuals can make excuses for such behaviors, and even engage in such themselves, thinking nothing of it (Rom 1:32, ). Why? Because according to “their truth”, which has been shaped by the world, it would be wrong to say something is wrong or right; what is sin to one person may not be a sin to another. But, of course, they are still on the narrow path.

To such individuals real truth matters not. Like so many of those with a post-modern mind, they will not listen. You can plead with them, freely give them every drop of truth and wisdom you have, and they will – sometimes sweetly and quite often rudely – reject every word you say because it is not “their truth” or doesn’t fit with what they approve of.

Such ones who claim to want heaven fail to realize that it is the Kingdom whose RULER IS GOD, THE Absolute Truth (Heb 11:10). In order to get there, it is HIS Way one must adhere to!

This King knows your motives, He knows if you have served Him or yourself. God Almighty sees everything that you do, and hears every word that you say. You will not be allowed entrance to His Kingdom just because you think you should be allowed in. You will not be welcomed in when you have lived to please yourself and to satisfy the god of this world.

And for all who will say, “but I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,” it is one thing to believe He exists and another to live like you will answer to Him one day. It is one thing to say you believe He is real and another to prove you believe through obedience to His commands (John 14:15).

Your words alone mean nothing. What your heart says and does is where the truth comes to light. The king knows if you are just talking. He knows if your heart is far from Him.


What mind do you have today? O’, dearest believers, are you faithful to church and in your giving in order to get what’s in God’s hands? Are you claiming to follow Christ for the free fish dinner? Are you claiming to believe out of tradition? Are you just religious?

Do you have a mind to truly please God or are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Are you double minded? Are you half church and half world?

The Bible lets us know that to be carnally minded is to be an enemy of God! (Rom 8:7) When the Lord looks at you, does He see an enemy?

Examine your mind. Determine today to repent, and get on the narrow path. Line your views up with God’s views. Let the Word of God be your deciding factor and not your personal thoughts and feelings.


We are living in the final moments of the End of days. The judgment of God has already begun. Christ is SOON to come!

Look at the darkness that saturates everything now. We are seeing the swift convergence of all things directly towards the end, and the final battle. We do not have time to play around with our eternity.

The Truth is we ALL have an eternal destination. A worldly mind will have you stationed with the world in hell for time without end. Choose Life! Choose to have the mind of Christ so you can enter God’s eternal rest and peace.

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