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I took a short break from social media, but I have returned .  Today I would like to talk to you about “saved folks.”

A couple of Sundays back, my pastor was speaking and he made the statement, “Saved folks go to church; that is what saved folks do.” Now of course church regulars might be thinking that goes without saying; however, I believe the sad thing is that it actually needs to be said.

We live in a time where both society and the church have become extremely shallow and self-centered. “Church folks” now want to be catered to and entertained. Churches are now changing so as not to “look” like church, and allowing parishioners to bring in food and drink as though at a ball game or movie.  Gluttons for television and other forms of secular entertainment, church folks have become people who can’t bear to sit for 30 minutes and listen to what God wants them to know. Pay attention, and you will see that church folks have become clock watchers and pastor rushers in regards to anything having to do with Worship or the Word. I was once at a church where the pastor was always in a hurry; so much so that he even cut off the praise and worship leader during the last worship song! However, have an event with fun, fellowship, and food and we can stay for hours without complaint. Something is wrong.

I am not going to provide further details on this, although I most definitely could. I just want to leave you with something to think about.

If those of us who claim salvation have a greater desire to indulge our flesh through the latest and greatest filth on T.V., if we are comfortable allotting time for everything we deem important while throwing God the last few scraps of time left in the day, why do we say we want to go to heaven?  If we haven’t the stomach for more than a couple of short songs and a couple minutes of worship, why do we think we would be comfortable in the city of God?  If we want our pastors to “just get to the point already,” why do we think we would be comfortable walking and talking with the Master down that golden path? The fact is we won’t be!

If we aren’t comfortable with God here – if we don’t desire God and all that comes with Him here – then we definitely won’t be comfortable with or desire Him in the place He’s prepared for those who LOVE HIM. If we don’t “like” going to church here, if we don’t want our friends to be among the SAINTS of God here, then we definitely will not like life in that heavenly city filled with believers at every turn! We will not be comfortable in a place with endless worship of the Savior. We will not be comfortable if the only people we have to talk with are the redeemed. If we don’t develop a godly life here, we definitely will not fit in with the godly there.

Saved folks LOVE the Lord. Saved folks LOVE the Saints of God. Saved folks ENJOY being around the Saints of God. Saved Folks take no pleasure in the sins of others (Romans 1:32). Saved folks don’t indulge their flesh, but instead keep it under subjection (Romans 13:14; 1 Corinthians 9:27; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5; 1 Peter 2:11).

Saved folks Go to Church — and without complaint (Hebrews 11:25).

Saved folks Are the Church (1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 1 Corinthians 12:27; Ephesians 2:19-22; Colossians 1:24; Colossians 1:18).

Are you one of the Saved folks?

Until next time,

Juanita Deloris

3 thoughts on “SAVED FOLKS

  1. rhonda

    As my mom used to say “a word to the wise is sufficient” and I believe that, along with all I just read is true!


  2. Rodney Jackson

    Amen!!! The truth of the life of the “true believer” is being hidden and replaced with a watered down life of “so called” believers!!! BUT the truth is the truth ~ which is, We Better Hold On To What We Got because we’re closing in on The End. We’re about to witness the words of Porky the pig . . . . a’blah a’blah a’blah ahhh that’s all folks!

    1. Hello Rodney!
      You are absolutely correct, and I agree a thousand-plus percent….right down to the Porky Pig quote 😉

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