MODEST MONDAY Let’s Talk About Leggings

Welcome to another Modest Monday!  I will forewarn you that this topic may touch a nerve just like or more than the discussion on Heels did. We are discussing leggings today and, although I know it is a trend, I believe them worthy of a look in the light of modesty. Let’s begin shall we.

Leggings Leggings everywhere. Leggings Leggings should we care?

Yes, we should!

In a way I feel like the issue of leggings and modesty is so obvious it shouldn’t require discussion; however, one only needs to look around (especially at church) and see there is an issue with these things that needs to be addressed.

Let me first say,

 Leggings ARE NOT pants or tights/pantyhose.

Pants and Tights/Pantyhose  ARE NOT leggings.

Leggings are not pants and should not be worn as though they were. They are far too body hugging, too skin tight to be worn like one does slacks and a shirt. Tights, footless tights, and pantyhose are too thin and should never be worn as though they were leggings.

Leggings used to be for exercises; dancers often wore them. To no huge surprise the world has pushed them for outerwear and people – tall, short, thick and thin – have latched on to them.

As believers we have to consider the modesty factor of what we wear, and leggings improperly worn are never appropriate for us. It doesn’t matter if they are black or highly patterned in color, it doesn’t matter if they have pockets or are made of leather, and it doesn’t matter if one is thin with nary a lump or bump anywhere.  If one chooses to wear this garment there is a right and wrong way to do so, especially for believers.


As stated earlier, leggings should not be worn as though they are pants; they are far too tight and body revealing for that. We should not be accentuating our bodies like the world does and encourages all to do. Think about it. When we dress in this manner, revealing every outline, curve, crevice, dimple and wrinkle we might as well be naked before God and man. This must not be for Christians. Men, it is the same for you. I decided it best not to provide pictures, but some of the legging type attire for men is far too tight and revealing. Our society worships the body and flaunting the nakedness of it as much as possible. Believers are not to follow the world’s way.


If you choose to wear leggings please do so modestly. Remembering we are representing our Lord, we just cannot wear leggings in the way I’ve seen so many doing – in and outside of the church.

One should always make sure the top or dress they choose to wear with leggings is not too tight or too short. Consider pairing the leggings with longer tunics or dresses that stop at the knee or slightly above to ensure that your backside and personal areas are covered.

Does the description say “footless tights,” “tights,” or “pantyhose”???

Examine the fabric. Is it too thin? Can you easily see sunlight through it?

Try the outfit on. Can you move, bend over, sit down without causing an unbecoming view of yourself? Be Honest.

Consider your body. How does the outfit look on YOU? Be honest.


Remember, our clothing must please God first and always. Whatever your shape, dress it modestly. Click To Tweet

Until next time!

16 thoughts on “MODEST MONDAY Let’s Talk About Leggings

  1. Jennifer

    I am a wheelchair user and a Christian 47 year old. I have never worn tights or leggings or yoga pants. All I ever wore was dresses. But now because my bottom and legs are so tiny due to years of atrophy, I can’t fit into anything. Wearing leggings with a longer shirt isn’t an option either because it gets caught when I transfer from my wheelchair to my car and to chairs. I have had to resort to $80-$100 leggings/tights from Title 9 and Athleta because these are the most well made, most “modest” I could find. Any advice on clothing and outfits that is modest, close fitting (I can’t have it getting caught in the wheels or whisking up snow)? I am embarrassed when I go to church because I am wearing leggings and I know how long-time Christians feel about leggings in general. What should I wear?

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on the post. I appreciate it. I will be 47 in February, and I have also only ever worn dresses and skirts. Leggings are not pants. I think long time Christians may have an aversion to leggings due to the horrible way in which they are worn nowadays. Do not be embarassed; I am sure you are not wearing them in immodest ways such as we see today.
      Considering your situation, leggings under your skirt or dresss are good choices for the modesty factor. Choosing dresses/Skirts that are not too flouncy might be just the ticket.
      Straighter designs rather than circle or A-line items might be the best choice because there is less fabric to get caught or fly up as you as you transfer to and fro. It is winter so sweater dresses are a good choice. Leggings under a pencil skirt could be a possibility as well. If I think of or come across any other ideas I will share them with you. I pray God will lead you in finding just the right outfits to meet your needs. God bless you!!

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never spotted a man wearing leggings, but oh my what a visual! Hahaha! I’m a huuuge fan of leggings for the comfort. They forgive me when I’ve eaten too many cookies and my regular pants aren’t happy with me. BUT I only leave the house in them if I’m wearing a longer shirt, dress or long coat. 🙂

    1. Hello Laura,
      I think they are meant for guys to run in, but they put you in mind of leggings because of how long (to ankle) and snug they are.
      I have heard a number of people say how comfortable they are. To be honest I have seen so many wearing them wrong (exactly like the “wrong way” pics in the post) that I wouldn’t wear them because I refuse to look like “that.” I’ve seen them worn so badly that I actually forgot they could make a nice addition to an outfit!!
      Thanks for reading and commenting; I appreciate it.
      God bless you

  3. Christina

    I don’t like leggings on my body type – terrible for apple shapes! But as I get more preggo I’m running out of options. Definitely won’t be wearing them the wrong way though 😉

    1. Hello Christina,
      I am sure you won’t ;). It is actually nice to meet someone who knows what works/doesn’t work for their body type; it seems its swiftly becoming a lost art nowadays! Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
      God bless you

  4. Rhondaf

    Great post! So somebody brought up the elephant in the room! Lol. It’s like people just overlook how nasty leggings look when worn as pants. You may as well be naked! Definitely not appropriate for a child of the King. We can’t forget we’re royalty! 🙂 And we can’t just present ourselves any kind of way. Thanks for the examples of the appropriate way to wear them! (Cute outfits!) You provided a solution to the problem! 😉 Nicely done!

    1. Hello Rhonda,
      Yes, it does look nasty. I can just imagine what God thinks, especially when you see this stuff in church. Such a shame 🙁 . Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate it!!
      God bless you

  5. You covered one of my pet peeves. I love how most leggings actually slenderize legs when worn with a long tunic, but I don’t need to see everything else from saddle bags to muffin tops. And I certainly don’t want to display my own! Thank you for making your point in a gracious (and highly visual) manner!

    1. Hello Linda. Thank you. I too get tired of seeing stuff that so obviously is not supposed to be revealed to the public. It is sad how far the nation that taught the world how to dress has fallen! There is a QT gas station where I live, and I have learned not to look around because I don’t need or want to see the foolishness that is ALWAYS on display there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  6. I cannot bring myself to wear the short shorts or short dresses they make available for women these days. Leggings have enabled me to purchase some of those knee length dresses, and feel covered! I wear extra long t shirts around the house. My bum needs to be covered! Thank you for stating truth!

    1. Same here! I truly don’t understand how women can wear some of the stuff I’ve seen nowadays. We have to remember, they don’t make clothes for believers. That, however, is never an excuse. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
      God bless you!!

  7. angela

    I agree with practicing this type of modesty and I feel it should apply to men as well. Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh it most definitely should. That’s why I mentioned men. Some of the stuff out there for them to wear is also inappropriate. Men and Women have to take care these days. It’s so sad. Thanks for reading and commenting!
      God bless you 🙂

  8. Nice. I’m a pregnant mama and I only wear my leggings at home. Mamas are always looking to be the most comfortable but when we head out it’s time to put on rral maternity pants!

    1. Hello Mihaela,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate that. I’m not a mama, but I certainly understand the need for comfort. I agree with you, there is definitely a time and a place for all things :). I am glad you enjoyed the post

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