To love is probably the hardest command

that God requires of us.

Love goes against human nature,

forcing us to put our flesh in its place.

If it is perfection we desire to reach,

then true love we must embrace.

I am sure that if asked you would declare

love for all is what you possess.

Upon closer look at God’s Word, however,

most will have to give a second guess.

think-622165_960_720Are you always patient and always kind?

Or do you implement these qualities

based on how you feel at the time?

How are you with pride and arrogance, envy too?

Be honest, because to love these must be far away from you.

Do you think a lot of yourself and your abilities?

Then conceited is the word that describes you.

If to love is what you desire then with conceit you must be through.

How is your behavior towards others?

Would they describe you as rude, annoyed and/or self-absorbed?

Do you clothe yourself with resentment before you go out of doors?

How do you view sin?

Has it been tainted by those you hang around?

Do you ignore its seriousness to avoid being “found out”?

If you can be happy with sin for any purpose then love you do not possess.

Don’t believe me? Check the Word, for God is very clear on it.

puzzle-1152792_960_720If it is love you strive to have then truth you must embrace;

truth in every aspect of life, including what you say to people’s face.

If you have love you give others the benefit of the doubt.

You look to see the best in others too.

It is not my definition but God’s that we must conform ourselves to.

Love is forgiving and holds not a grudge.

Or from self-justifying indignation

Do you refuse to budge?

If you will take the time to look

A valuable lesson you will see.

For the characteristics of Love are found

in Christ’s treatment of you and me!

You may think it’s too hard to love yourself and others in this way.

You’re right, under your own power you can’t

but God has paved the way.

woman-571715_960_720Look to Christ, trust and believe

and His Spirit to you He will give.

From then on you will be empowered

To love according to HIS will.

Juanita Deloris

2 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. ChildoftheKing

    Great post Nita! Reminds us that love isn’t just about a romantic love. And even with romantic love, real true love goes far far beyond just that. The love God has for us is so great. And if we pay attention this will teach us how to love all others. It teaches us ALOT about life also. I really enjoyed this! ☺

    1. Hello there ChildoftheKing. I am not sure if we will ever fully grasp the Love God has for us. But, we can follow His example and guidelines, determining in our hearts to love all people as we should. I thinking truly loving others is one of those things we grow in. It’s a change in character, a part of transformation — an increasing result of the renewing of our hearts and minds. Thanks for taking time to read and comment! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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